Technopark "ECO Standard-GE" launched an initiative about 50% compensation of "maritime logistics" for Internet retail in China and Europe and the creation in the Technopark of the largest commercial HUB of Eurasia. The project is supported by the Government of Georgia and is included in the list of priority projects for bilateral trade and economic cooperation between Georgia and China.

Technopark "ECO Standart-GE"

Technopark “ECO Standard -GE” is, first of all, unique business opportunities: financing, land for the construction of enterprises in the real sector of the economy, a business incubator, a logistics complex with an area of 65,000 m2 and an eco-city for comfortable work and life of entrepreneurs in the period implementation of projects. Start of construction of the Technopark - April 2020.

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In just “one click” you can enter the Personal Account, protected by your personal ID, to manage the traditional and innovative services of the Technopark, as well as gain access to site services: control molasses anywhere in the world, find out tariffs, conduct online negotiations with contractors, look for business partners, conduct financial settlements in any currency.

"Chinese Commerce and Industry Group Hualing" in Georgia

Technopark "ECO Standart-GE" - "One Belt - One Way"

The company „ECO Standard –GE“ helps businesses (regardless of the country of origin of capital) to implement their investment projects in the territories of Free Industrial Zones of Georgia, Technoparks with preferential taxation (0 taxes!), State preferences, support and facilities businesses established at the legislative level of Georgia. „ECO Standard –GE“ has its own Venture Fund „ECO Standard Investment Group“ (project financing at a reduced rate of -5%), „ECO Standard Leasing-GE“, a leasing company, has direct contacts with suppliers of equipment, technologies and services from Asia, Europe and the USA.

 We are also the Management Company (MC) for the maintenance and development of Technopark, we have extensive management experience, we understand all the requirements of external and internal logistics. „ECO Standard-GE“ Management Company provides comprehensive services for the implementation of investment projects of our Residents, the provision of all types of services for comfortable business: from consulting and solving the problems of a project team’s residence to helping to attract investors and access to international markets.




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